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Member Handbook 2019 - 2020

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Guidelines to TVMTA Events

 Please photocopy and give to each student registered in a TVMTA event.

In events for TVMTA members only, students registered in any TVMTA event must be studying with a member in good standing. If a student is from a music school or academy, his/her teacher must be member of TVMTA. Teachers must abide by the TVMTA By-laws. All communication with students and parents will be the teacher’s responsibility. Questions and comments pertaining to any phase of an event must be conducted between teacher and event chairperson only. Teachers are responsible for giving each student registered in a TVMTA event a copy of these guidelines and instructing him/her in the following stated deportment.


  • Photos may be taken early before the recital or after the recital as during the recital distracts the performers. Videos are okay as long as strong lights or flashes are not used and it is done unobtrusively. Please turn off all beeping watches, pagers and cell phones as they can be very distracting to the performers.
  • All performers age 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Students, parents and guests are requested to remain for the entire program as a courtesy to all performers. Performances will be kept at approximately 1 hour in length.
  • Crying babies and distracting small children should be taken out immediately as a courtesy to all.


  • Should be neat and in no way detract from the performance.
  • Clothing should be “dressy, not sporty for both genders.
  • Girls should wear a dress or skirt of knee length or longer, or dress pants. Blouses and dresses should be “non-revealing.” No miniskirts. Pianists: Should refrain from wearing long sleeve dresses/blouses, bracelets and rings that might interfere with their performance. Also, fingernails should be trimmed. Shoes should allow for proper pedaling. Platform shoes and tennis shoes, (thick soles) are inappropriate.
  • Boys should wear shirts tucked in – preferably, with coat, sweater or vest and tie.
  • Hair should be neat and out of the face.
  • INAPPROPRIATE attire includes: Tennis shoes, T-shirts, hoodies, denim of any kind, sweatpants, shorts, and flip-flops. 
  • · NOTE: Your appearance is just as important as your performance. Proper attire shows respect to your audience. Remember the audience is there to listen to you perform and the time and attention they give you deserves the same courtesy.


  • Students should be at the venue at least 15 minutes before the event begins. This allows time for the student to “get settled” and for the chairperson to seat them properly. It also eliminates distraction from the event. 
  • Any student arriving after an event begins will possibly not be allowed to perform.


  • Approach the performing area graciously, with poise – not too fast or too slow.
  • Acknowledge audience/judge with a smile and a bow. 
  • Take time in starting. Think before you start. Piano students: Adjust the bench, find the correct pedal, and be sure hands are in correct places on the piano, feet on floor, (not crossed or wound around bench leg.) Other performers: Follow your teacher’s instructions.
  • No gum or candy chewing.
  • Remain expressionless if error occurs. If memory lapses occur, try to go on, skipping ahead, if necessary. If recall is gone, simply exit as gracefully as possible.
  • If more than one selection is performed, take time to pause with hands in lap before going on to the next piece.


  • Piano students: At completion of performance, bring your hands to your lap and then stand up at front of piano. Other students: Follow your teacher’s instructions.
  • Be sure to always acknowledge your audience/judge with a bow. This is to show your appreciation for their attention.
  • Leave performing area graciously.

Overview of TVMTA Events

TVMTA Member Recitals

TVMTA recognizes the benefits of sharing recital expenses and would like to encourage teachers to connect for this purpose. We are preparing a list for teachers interested in sharing venue expenses. If you would like to be added to this list, please submit your name to Elizabeth at This list will be made available only to TVMTA members andis a contact list only. All recital plans and/or venue rentals are made independent from TVMTA.

CAPMT Piano/Vocal Auditions & Ensembles

 This is a CAPMT (State) event hosted by TVMTA. There are 2 separate categories-students may pick one or both categories to participate in:

  1. The Piano Auditions & Ensembles-Students perform 2 memorized pieces and 1 ensemble piece. Only the student is evaluated (not the accompanist).
  2. The Ensemble Auditions-Any number of students perform 1 piece using different instruments and/or voice. Group is evaluated as a whole.

All students receive written evaluation and medal or trophy. Students receiving a perfect ‘5’ score are invited to perform at the Southern Festival hosted by CAPMT. 

Temecula Spring Music Auditions

This event is privately hosted and available to all students of any teacher. It is listed here as a curtesy to let you know the availability. 

Students perform 2 pieces before an adjudicator and receive a written evaluation, certificate, and either gold, silver, or bronze medal as applicable. Pieces may be solos or duets. Duets do not require memorization. Exception: Advanced students may perform 1 longer solo piece to stay within time limits. Scores of both pieces are added together to receive one overall score. This event is good for all ages and levels. Students are evaluated at their own level of playing based on the music that they choose to perform.

New this year - Students may also perform either 1 or 2 duets. Students will each receive an evaluation and the appropriate medal. Registration is required for each student.


Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program

Practical (Performance) Assessments - May (Spring Session)                                                                       

Theory Assessments – (Summer/Winter Session)

CAPMT & TVMTA have adopted the RCM Certificate Program as the first nationally recognized and highest quality assessments available. Performance, technical skills, ear-training aural skills, & music literacy are evaluated by adjudicators trained at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Testing through grade 4 is all inclusive and completed during the performance assessments with a highly trained adjudicator. For grades 5 and up, the theory assessments are taken separately as required. Students that score a 90 or above are invited to perform at the annual Royal Conservatory “Recital of Excellence”. Transcripts are available for colleges and high-school students upon request. For details:

CAPMT Evaluations

This is a CAPMT program hosted by neighboring Chapter (RSBCC) in our District IV.  Students are evaluated on theory, sight-reading, aural skills, music literacy, and performance. Three pieces are performed of which two must be memorized. Student is evaluated through performance, aural questions by the judge, and written testing for theory. Student receives written evaluation. 

MTNA National Events/Competitions

Available Competitions:

  • Performance (most instruments/vocal)
  • Composition
  • Piano Duet
  • Chamber Music

For details go to:

Venue Directions


42690 Margarita Rd., Temecula, CA  


Directions to Temecula United Methodist Church:

From the 15 FWY: Go east on Rancho California Rd., Turn     Right (south) on Margarita Rd. and go approx. ½ mile.   The church sits atop a low hill on the left immediately adjacent to Temecula Valley High School, overlooking Temecula Sports Park and Community Recreation Center (CRC).




31143 Nicolas Rd., Temecula, CA

Directions to Grace Presbyterian Church:


Heading South on I-15:  

Exit Murrieta Hot     Springs 

(Turn Left - East),

Turn Right on     Winchester,

Turn Left on     Nicolas Rd.

The Church is on the right, just before Calle Medusa

NOTE:  You will see a Baptist Church first. Grace Presbyterian is IMMEDIATELY after it. It is easy to pass it. Turn right after you pass the Baptist church. Grace Presbyterian Church in on the corner.


TVMTA Combined Constitution and Bylaws are available on request.