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TVMTA Communication


Big News for TVMTA!!

TVMTA has now joined with our Riverside-San Bernardino County Chapter (RSBCC). Members of TVMTA are now welcome to participate in any of the events hosted by RSBCC as well as all CAPMT and MTNA music events. Please click the link below to discover additional opportunities for teachers and their students.

TVMTA Member Communication

TVMTA provides a yearly calendar of events and makes the TVMTA annual handbook available online each August. 

We respect that teachers are busy with their studios and do not need excessive meetings to attend. We make use of e-mail and our website for communication throughout the year. We also keep a TVMTA facebook page for additional up to date information.

We are just a phone call away, and encourage you to call with any questions you might have. During the year, if the need arises, we will schedule workshops to review programs. If you have questions regarding any program, please feel free to contact me or any of our board members and we will be happy to assist you. 


Elizabeth Medici



Member Benefits

Local Teacher Support and Interaction: 

Our local group is supportive of one another in an endeavor to help achieve a high standard of professionalism. We welcome the exchange of ideas on all musical issues from teaching challenges to running a successful studio. Periodically, guest lecturers are invited to speak and educational workshops are offered.  Click for details.


Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program

In addition to providing great teachers for music lessons, TVMTA follows the lead of CAPMT in it's support of the RCM program. This program is considered the top national standardized assessment program available in the United States. TVMTA works together with the Center Representatives in hosting several of the RCM assessments each year with Temecula Center #359. 

Each year, there are 3 sessions available for taking assessments. These sessions are Spring Session, Summer Session, & Winter Session. If you or your student would like to take an assessment at a time that is not offered here in Temecula, check out the MDP website to sign up at another location. Assessments may be taken anywhere and transcripts are kept with the Royal Conservatory. This means that assessments are transferrable anywhere in the US. Sealed transcripts can also be sent to colleges upon request.

Center Representatives for Center #359 are: Cecelia Unpingco & Elizabeth Medici

Click here for details regarding the program.